Colombia-CI Bio Fi

Person in charge

John Henry Reina
Calle 13 # 100-00
Santiago de Cali
TEL: +[57] (315) 4322632
E-mail: john (dot) reina (at) correounivalle (dot) edu (dot) co

Other people involved

Melo, CarlosPh.D. in PhysicsLabs. Coordinator
Céspedes, JonnathanTopographic EngineerM.Eng. Student / Labs. Technician

Experimental Sites

1CIBioFi - Centre for Bioinformatics and Photonic
LOCATION: 3°22'3637" N, 76°32'00.8" W, 982 m asl
Elastic Lidar, emits 355, 532 and 1064nm, detects 355, 532 and 1064nm
Max-DOAS - detects at the range [320-460] nm