Person in charge

Eduardo Quel, Dr. in Physics, Researcher CEILAP, Id A
Head of CEILAP’s Lidar Division
Juan Bautista de La Salle 4397
B1603ALO Villa Martelli, Provincia de Buenos Aires
Tel +54 11 47098103
Fax +54 11 47098122
e-mail: eduardojquel (at) gmail (dot) com, equel (at) citedef (dot) gob (dot) ar

Other people involved

Otero, LidiaDr. in EngineeringResearcher CEILAP IdD1
Ristori, PabloDr. in SciencesResearcher CEILAP IdD2
Salvador, JacoboDr. in EngineeringResearcher CEILAP Id E2
Wolfram, ElianDr. in PhysicsResearcher CEILAP IdD1
Pallotta, JuanElectronic EngineerPhD Student CEILAP Id F1
Pawelko, EzequielTelecommunications EngPhD Student CEILAP Id F2
Raponi, MarceloBioengineerPhD Student CEILAP Id F1
Orte, FacundoEnv.Technology GraduatePhD Student, ANPCyT fellowship
Nicora, María GabrielaGeophysics GraduatePhD student, CITEFA fellowship
Dworniczak, Juan CarlosElectronic EngineerResearcher CEILAP IdD2
Vilar, Osvaldo JorgeTechnical StaffCEILAP III C 1
González, FranciscoElectronic EngineerCEILAP III C 1
D´Elía, RaúlTechnicianCONICET
Martorella, EvangelinaTechnicianCEILAP III F1
Bulnes, DanielaTechnicianCITEFA fellowship
Ballesteros, PatricioTechnicianCITEFA fellowship

Experimental Sites

1CEILAP/CITEDEF Head Quarters - Villa Martelli (Buenos Aires)
LOCATION (Google Maps): -34.555269, -58.506151
1 Multiwavelength High Resolution Raman Lidar, Emits 1064, 532, 355; Detects 1064, 607, 532, 408, 387, 355 (o & p)
1 Sunphotometer (CIMEL) from the AERONET network
2 Radiometers Eko UVA-UVB
1 Piranometer Kipp&Zonen
1 Automatic Meteorological Station
1 Ocean Optics Fiber Optic Spectrometer
1 High precision Solar Positioner developed at CEILAP
2Observatorio Atmosférico de la Patagonia Austral - Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz)
LOCATION (Google Maps): -51.60043, -69.31937
4 Mobile laboratories with the dimensions of 9m and 6m long containers
1 Stratospheric Ozone differential absorption lidar (Nd:YAG, Xe:Cl) Elastic and Raman Channels
1 Sunphotometer (CIMEL) from the AERONET network
2 YES UVA – UVB Radiometers
1 Spectrometer SAOZ Network belonging to Service d’Aéronomie, France.
1 Brewer belonging to INPE, Brazil.
1 Shortwave GUV Biospherical Ins. Radiometer
1 Kipp&Zonen Piranometer
1 Meteorological Station
1Millimeter-wave radiometer (Mesospheric Ozone Measurements)